How to Go on a Date without your Parents Knowing

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Teenagers are very aggressive about many things especially about sexuality. This is the reason why they want to go on a date as early as 13.  Even elementary students enter relationships now.  This is the scenario nowadays. That’s why being a parent is really hard.  You need to be attentive to your kids.  However, no matter how watchful you are as a parent, children are still wise enough to find ways just to go on a date with the person they like.

My dear parents, sorry but I’m here to help kids go on a date without you knowing. Here are some dating tips:

  • If you have your own mobile phone, then use it to contact your date.  Do not use your home phone or else you’ll be caught.
  • Send the person text messages instead of calling him/ her.  It’s more obvious that you are up to something if you often stay on the phone talking to someone.  However, frequent texting could also lead to your parents’ suspicion.  Just be careful.  When your parents are around, stop texting.
  • Don’t save any conversations about your plan to go out.  If you misplace your phone and your parents see it, your plan may be discovered.
  • Avoid talking about the person you like to your mom or dad. Pretend that you are still the young kid they used to know.  Act like you are not interested to the opposite sex.
  • When you go out, use your friends to be your pass.  Tell your parents that you are going out, just you.  Basically, you have to lie and you know that duplicity is not good.
  • Go to the movies with friends and invite the person you like.  Tell the person to go inside first.  Tell your parents it’s a date with friends.  Ask your parents to drop you off to make it more realistic.
  • I advice you not to go somewhere without letting your parents know because they will suspect that you are up to something.  Don’t sneak out.
  • Don’t drink alcohol on your date. Your parents will no longer trust you once you break your house rules.

Dating guide is needed for children who want to go on a date at a very early age. It will help them understand the advantages and disadvantages of dating.


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