How to Date Russian Women

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date a russian womanDating women of other races can be fun and exciting.  If you are into dating Russian women, there are things about them that you have to know.  You need to learn their culture and traits in order make it work.  Every culture is different from one another.  Don’t let her culture or your culture lead you to misunderstanding.   Let’s get to know a Russian woman.   Read the following.

Characteristics of Russian Women

  • Most Russian women are attractive.  They have good looks.
  • They are career-oriented but are willing to give it up for the sake of their family.
  • They are less concerned with material wealth so they can live with a simple life.
  • They are more determined to be good wives and mothers so you see them trying their best to create a healthy and happy home for the husband and kids.
  • They are one of the world’s most feminine women but they can be strong when the situation requires them to.
  • Russian women love showing affection to their men.  They are simply sweet in nature.
  • They are submissive in nature that they allow their husbands to take good care of them or lead their life. They respect the superiority of men over women.

Dating Guide on How to Date Russian Women

  • Avoid making a lot of comments about their culture and traditions especially if they are negative or degrading. Avoid asking too many questions about the politics in Russia. She may not be interested with it and it’s not a very interesting topic at all.
  • When you introduce her to your family, make her feel that she belongs by not emphasizing her nationality.  You can mention it of course but don’t make a big deal out of it.  Let her meet your parents without offending her.
  • Make her feel that you can give her a secured home.  She loves being protected by a man so show her that you can be her hero.
  • Be a real gentleman in every way.   Woman just love being treated like a princess.
  • Don’t drink when you’re with her.  It can be an ultimate turn off to Russian woman.  This is one of the dating rules that you need to remember.
  • Girls in Russia are into marriage.  They can be the most beautiful brides you would ever have.  They can be good wives and homemakers.  They value family life so much.  They dream of being married.  Be the man that can fulfill this dream.

These are some of the dating pieces of advice that can help you deal with girls from the former Soviet country.  To meet gorgeous Russian ladies, log on to dating sites for single men and women.   Good luck!


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Nadia Says:July 29th, 2011 at 9:37 am

BOOK !!!

“Why NOT marry a Russian woman?”
by Nadia Dantos

If you are nursing the idea of getting married to a woman from any of the Russian states, get ready for a strange and new eye opening experience. From the very beginning it is destined not to be an easy ride. Starting from the differences in mentality, the language barrier, the usual age gap between the two of you, and finishing with the intimidating immigration process in the former soviet countries, this project of yours may become one of your worst nightmares. Building a strong and happy relationship with a “Russian girl” seems to be the greatest affair of your personal life, yet this commonly encountered illusion among Western men, when applied in real life, proves to remain what it really is: just an illusion.
“Western World is a funny world.
It is to me at least – an Eastern European girl – who was literally propelled into this authentic world, through marriage to a Westerner.
Now, everything that happened in my life, before that eye opening experience, seems like an extended version of the army training. Why so? Because when you are born and raised in a third world country, particularly in a former Soviet Union state, and you are ripped out of your home town and put into a Western environment, you start to really realize how much stronger, wiser and meaner we are comparing to the ‘’modern” people. The arising question would be whether this is a good thing or a bad thing in terms of survival? – I am not the one to judge, yet one thing is certain: Eastern European women WILL NEVER FEEL LIKE A PART OF THE WESTERN WORLD, even after decades of living in it.

Perhaps this book is designed mostly for the Western male readers, which is good, as this was my intention from the very beginning. As I am writing this down, I can see you guys thinking to yourself right now: ‘’How can she possibly say that? She is taken out of the gutter and put into a decent house, fed good food, dressed good quality clothes and given the best medical treatment in the world. She was given everything she would have never had with a Russian man, and yet she is so ungrateful!”. I love it when Western men think that way; I can instantly read it in their eyes that to them the Russian woman acts differently compared to how a Western woman would react in a banal situation; because it is always the same pattern, repeating itself over and over again, from couple to couple.


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