How to Date a Shy Girl – Dating Guide

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dating guide and tips for shy girlOne of the most difficult kinds of girl to deal with when dating is a shy girl.  It’s pretty hard to handle this type of girl maybe because you find her boring and you are clueless on what interests her.  If you happen to meet a shy woman and you get interested in her, there are things that you have to know for you to be guided.

You have to know that there are three kinds of shy girl.  These include the following:

  • Conversationally Shy – vague and trails off when speaking.
  • Cover-up Shy – you feel that she’s trying to hide something by being shy.
  • Physically Shy – she becomes quiet or moves away everytime you touch her.

Dating Guide when Dating a Shy Girl

Here are some tips.  Take a look at them carefully.

  • Try to observe her to determine which kind of shy girl she is.  Going out with her and talking to her will give you an idea.  Take her out on a date but set a good datetime.
  • The next step that you have to take is to know the reason behind her shyness / timidity.  What made her shy?  What has happened to her in the past? You can also check on her childhood memories.  What happened when she was still a child?
  • Be gentle and tender to her in every way.  Do not do anything that can scare her off.  Make her comfortable with you so you can gain her trust. Once you have already gained her trust she may start to open up and feel relaxed.
  • Take things slowly and enjoy every single day that you are together. Make her happy with the things that you do and slowly bring her out with friends.
  • Show that you are a guy whom she can count on.  Help her overcome her shyness by inviting her to group events.  Make her circle of friends bigger.  This type likes you if she loves being with you.
  • Try to start a conversation that may interest her.  Let her speak up and listen to what she says.  A quiet girl when encouraged has good ideas. Make her talk and talk and be a good listener.
  • Once you see signs that she’s becoming more open to you, keep on motivating the woman to overcome her shyness.

How to deal with this type of woman ?  Well, I have just mentioned them above.  You can also follow the pieces of advice with a shy guy and you’ll have a good relationship.  Good luck!


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