How to Date a Quiet Guy

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date a quiet manCan you imaging yourself dating a quiet guy ?  Is it unimaginable?  Most girls go for guys who know how to start good, interesting and funny conversations. Quiet guys seem to be boring and no fun at all.  I, myself cannot imagine dating a guy who waits for me to talk and he just listens.

But for the sake of helping those girls who are into shy or quiet guys, I thought of making this post to help you.  Read on for dating guides.

Tips & Advice for Dating a Quiet Guy

  • Show interests on the things that he likes.  If he’s into sports then try to watch his favorite games and familiarize yourself with the things about the sport.
  • The day you’re together, start the conversation and talk about the things that interest him.  This will at least make him talk and express his thoughts.  When he says something, encourage him to say more.  Keep on asking him questions.  This is one way of helping him get rid of his shyness.
  • Make the shy guy feel comfortable with you.  Don’t do anything that can offend him.  Try to understand him.
  • Try to find out the reason behind his being quiet.  What made him one? Learn on what has happened to him and try to avoid doing it again.
  • How do you talk to him?  Talk to him tactfully.   He may not be used to hearing offensive things.
  • Make him laugh and smile.  Take him to places where he can enjoy. Invite him to group events with his friends but observe the datetime and tell him to mark his calendar so he won’t have any reason to forget it.  You can also include your friends.  Make his circle of friends bigger.

I know a friend who is in a relationship with a quiet guy.  They have been together for quite a long time like years.  They have had problems but my friend is happy with him.  He’s going to marry my friend soon. If you happen to meet this kind of guy, give it a try!  Relationships with the quiet guy may be the one for you.


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