How to Date a Nerdy Guy

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How to Date a Nerdy GuyMost people find dating with a nerd or geek funny. They say these people are boring.  They are often ridiculed at school. They think that they are not good catch and that cool guys are still the better options. But how do we know that a guy is nerd? What are the characteristics of a nerd?

Who is a Nerd?

A nerd is a person who is passionate about intellectual activities, esoteric knowledge, or other vague interests rather than engaging in social activities. This person is often a loner.

Guides when Dating a Nerd Guy

If you are into dating a nerd guy, then the following dating tips could be used to better understand him and to make your date a success.

  • Boost his confidence by taking him out.  Ask him to go out with you. You can attend group events together or have your own event or activity.  But before you can do this, you need to befriend him first. You need to gain his trust.
  • Show him that you are different from other women who ridicule his type.  Make him feel comfortable with you and with your presence. Dating may shock his system because he’s not used to it.
  • Try engaging in activities that he find interesting.  Try to have fun with him.  This is one dating advice that shows how you understand him. There’s no harm in trying right?
  • Be an open-minded girl.  Don’t be offended by the things that he does and that things he likes.  If you are into a person, you are willing to embrace everything about him.
  • Try to change the way he dresses up if he looks funny.  Make him understand your reason.
  • Take the initiative but take things slow.  You can flirt with him in a subtle way but don’t be very aggressive as you might scare him away.

There you go! I hope that these dating tips will help you make your relationship with a nerd wonderful.


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