How to Date a Family Friend

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How to Date a Family FriendWhen dating someone who is close to your family, there are many things that you have to put into consideration.  You need to consider your family relationship, parents, and friendship.  It’s because you are not just dating with someone but with a family friend who may be so close to you.  You are expected to treat the person well, including the family members. It’s like meeting everyone’s expectations.

Guides when Dating a Family Friend

If you are interested to learn some dating tips when dating a family friend, then here is a list that you may want to follow.  Keep reading.

  • Be clear to your intentions.  Don’t assume that the person knows your intention just because she is a family friend .  Be honest and straightforward.
  • Be honest to your parents.  It’s a sign of respect plus you need their blessings. Don’t date without informing them.  Isn’t it great if you don’t have to hide anything from them?
  • Respect the person, not just a friend but as your partner.  Never do anything that could break the person’s heart.
  • If things get complicated between you, you should talk about them and settle them.  Don’t let challenges ruin your friendship and relationship.
  • Take things slow.  You may have been friends since childhood but you are not sure if you know each other as partners in love.  Give yourselves enough time to get to know each other well.
  • Don’t take advantage of the person’s attachment to you.  If you want something intimate, know your limitations.  If you can’t fight the urge, do the thing out of love and do it with protection, especially if you are just kids.

There you go!  I hope that these dating tips are helpful to you.  Be happy!


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