How to Date a European Man

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How to Date a European ManWhen dating a person from another culture, you experience many obstacles like culture differences, stereotypes, and sometimes language.  You have no choice but to overcome those if you are really into the person.  And now, you met a fun guy and you just learned that he’s from Europe.  How are European men like?  Do you have any idea?

Guide when Dating a European Man

If you are looking for relationship and dating tips to make the European guy like you, here are some:

  • Average European men are less rich than American men.  They have lower incomes plus the cost of living is a lot higher.  Don’t expect him to give you expensive things. As a partner, don’t demand for something that you know he can’t afford to buy.
  • They view women as a means to have a good time or as a conquest.  You can’t expect them to treat you the way you want it.  They might not meet your standards toward men.  Think about it.  Can you afford to be treated like that?
  • You need to be punctual on your date time.  Be on time!  Punctuality is vital.
  • European men are not fond of telling white lies to make you feel good.  If you don’t look good, or if he doesn’t like what you wear, he’ll tell you.  You don’t need to ask if how you look if you don’t want to get a harsh answer.
  • Don’t expect a German man to open doors for you and pull out your chair.  You will do them yourself.
  • If you meet his mom, you don’t need to impress her.  He doesn’t care about what his mom says.  He’ll marry you even if his mom dislikes you.
  • For a French guy, you need to have the passion to cook.
  • Give your guy an affectionate hug.

Now that you know some qualities of guys from Europe, are you going to pursue dating with the guy you met?  However, you have all the time to get to know him.  Give him the chance to prove he’s worth your time.  Just think about this dating advice before you make any drastic move.


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