How to Date a Dancer

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man and woman dancingDancers are usually charismatic.  They have the power to attract people with their graceful and energetic moves. They have a very powerful body language in the sense that they express their emotions through their dance moves.  On the other hand, how are dancers when it comes to dating and relationships?  Have you tried dating a dancer before? How did it go? If this is your first time to have a romantic relationship with someone who is adept in dancing, then you have to learn some tips.

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Read the helpful dating tips when you are into a relationship with a dancer.

  • The first thing that you need to know is to identify what kind of dancer is the woman. Is she a stripper at a club? Is she an exotic dancer? Is she a Ballerina? If she happens to be a stripper, then be careful but be open-minded though. Don’t just judge her without giving her the benefit of the doubt. She might be dancing in a night club for a reason. Don’t belittle her character as a woman.
  • Know her background after learning her job. If you are really into her, then try to understand her situation. You can also talk to her and ask her if she can do you a favor and convince her to look for another job. You can give her reasons like you don’t want her to be touched by anyone. Tell her you are just after her welfare.
  • Appreciate her skill in dancing. Let her know and feel that you are proud because she has the skill that others don’t have.
  • Engage in dancing sessions or activities. This is a good way to improve your relationship. It’s one way of showing you are interested with the things that interest her.
  • Dancers love to be in action most of the time. They are very active. You can take her anywhere for as long as there’s fun in there.
  • If you are dancing a ballet dancer, then expect her body to be really flexible that you won’t find it difficult to make her do the things you want. If you want to explore positions, you can just do it.

Which advice seems to be hard to follow? There’s none, right? Good luck!


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