How to Date a Filipina Woman – Dating Guide

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filipina womanFilipina beauty is very charming and something extraordinary.  It catches the eyes and captures the heart of men even from other races.  A Filipino woman is also a woman of strength and virtues and has more.  A pinay is just so adorable.

There’s no doubt that many men choose to marry Filipino women over other Asian girls. For those who want to win the heart of a Filipino lady you must know her characteristics first. I know you will be more interested of her inner beauty.

Reasons for Dating a Filipina / Pinay

  • She has a pleasant disposition and personality. She protects her dignity as well as the reputation of her family. You can assure of her loyalty. This characteristic will give pride to you as a man.
  • She has a wide room for understanding people and situations. She knows how to control her emotions. As much as possible she will avoid arguments particularly in public places.
  • She is patient in nature. She can endure hardships and will stick with you through thick and thin, in sickness and in health. Filipino men are also like this.
  • She is sweet, caring, and supportive. In tough times you can rely on her. She will never abandon a loved one who is in trouble. She can be your crying shoulders. She will offer her help.
  • She believes in one-man one-woman relationship. She respects the sanctity of marriage. She can be your loving and faithful wife till death.
  • She is a family woman. She can sacrifice her career for the sake of her family. She will serve and take good care of you and your kids.
  • She is a good housekeeper. She will make your home well-kept. You will not need a maid to maintain the cleanliness of your house. It will be her pleasure to turn your house into a beautiful haven.
  • She is religious in nature. This makes her God-fearing. She will base her pieces of advice from the Holy Scripture.

Tips on How to Date a Filipino Woman

  • Wear something decent and meet her on time. Filipino time is always on time. Respect her time. You will create a bad impression if you look untidy.
  • You need to give her a compliment. She has so much effort on her looks.
  • Show interest to her ideas and try to get on to her level.
  • Don’t try to lie to her. She can sense it.
  • Don’t get drunk and be gentle.
  • Earn her trust first before meeting her family.

The things mentioned above are useful dating tips to have a successful relationship with a Pilipina,  woman of true beauty-in and out.

Truly, the Philippines does not only have beautiful islands but it is also a home of gorgeous women.


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