Rejuvalex Hair Regrowth – My Experience

Posted: June 03, 2017


I just received the two bottles and a free trial bottle of Rejuvalex Hair Growth System I got from this website as recommended by a couple of bald friends who were able to regrow their hair in a few months. Let’s see if it can also help me get my hair back.

My friends said that I’m a bit lucky to have the free trial bottle because at the time when they purchased the product, this very same website where I purchased mine was not offering the free trial bottle. Wow, nice to hear that from them. I’m so excited to try it.  Day 1 photo is a lil bit embarrassing. lol. But I hope for the best in the coming months  of taking this product.  I’m going to update this post from time to time. Bye for now.

This is my hair at Day 1. Im going to post after a month.


UPDATE: August 16, 2017

Sorry for the late update. I forgot to post my result after a month because of my busy schedules. This is after two months use of Rejuvalex Hair Growth Formula and I am so happy with the result. It really works and as you can see the result is very noticeable. I definitely recommend this product. If you want to purchase Rejuvalex on this website, my advice is that if you see the “Tell Us Where to Send Your Free Bottles” being displayed on the site, buy as fast as you can because as I mentioned above my friends weren’t able to take advantage of the free trial bottle because I think the website rarely offers free promo bottle. Im going to update again after I consume the third bottle.