How to Cure Kennel Cough

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kennel cough in dogKennel cough is the term given to the upper respiratory problem experienced by dogs. Other names given for the conditions are tracheobronchitis, and Bordetellosis or Bordetella. The condition is characterized by symptoms such as dry, forceful, and hacking cough. But for more serious cases, lethargy and weakness on the dog may be observed. How long does kennel cough last, you ask? Well, the answer to the question is dependent to a lot of factors such as its severity and what type of infection struck it. In general though, the period usually lasts for ten days. Apparently, kennel cough resolves on its own and a visit to your vet may not be necessary; however it would be a safe measure if you allow your dog to be seen by a medical professional and be ruled out from any complication. But if you must opt for a home remedy on how to treat kennel cough, here are some things you can do.

How to Treat Kennel Cough

  • Give your dog steam treatment. This can help clear out passages to facilitate comfort for your dogs. Vaporizing treatment may also be given by running hot water on the tub in the bathroom and letting your dog inhale the vapor. You may also pour drops of eucalyptus oil.
  • Allow your pet to drink plenty of fluids to soothe irritation on the throat.
  • Allow your dog to take honey twice daily as a natural home remedy in relieving cough.
  • Other homeopathic treatment includes Echinacea to boost immune system, plantago laceolata which serves as expectorant and bryonia C6 to clear passages.
  • Provide your dog with a warm, clean, and non-damp floors and environment to avoid aggravating the problem.
  • Isolate your dog to other dogs because this condition is highly contagious.

It is always a rule to talk to your doctor before partaking into any medication and talk about specific vaccine which can help on how to cure kennel cough. Good luck!


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