How to Save Money in the Kitchen

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Save Money in the KitchenThe kitchen is where some of the happiest moments of family life occur.  Fun eating takes place in the kitchen. We feed and satisfy our cravings there.  It is the place in the home where most moms rule. But it is also the area where we spend a lot of money.  Hey, you can cut down your expenses in the kitchen by considering some money saving tips.  These include the following:

  • Shop weekly for veggies and fruits to avoid wasting them.  If they are not consumed immediately, their freshness goes away and we tend to throw them away once they become terrible.  Use discount coupons when shopping for groceries and food.
  • Lettuce can be fresh longer by rinsing and drying it well.  Keep it dry before you store it in a bag.
  • Don’t rinse products until you’re going to use them.
  • Save water in the kitchen.  I don’t mean that you won’t have to wash the products before cooking them but you can utilize the water you used to wash them.  Use it to water the plants in your garden. Even the water you get when you drain noodles can be useful.
  • When cooking noodles, don’t boil to cook them.  Try to bring the water to boil, add the noodles, put the lid on the pan, and put off the fire. Leave the noodles sit for a while.  You can stir the noodles.
  • Make your own ice and ice cubes.  Of course they are readily available at any local stores but if you want to save make your own.  You are sure that the water is safe.
  • Wait until your washer and dishwasher are full before you run them.
  • Instead of using paper towels, use rags since they can be reused. You can even use old clothes.
  • It’s better to use table cloth napkins than paper napkins. Pick something soft and washable.
  • Make a budget plan for the week before shopping.

It’s not really hard to save money if you know how to handle your financial matters.  If you have cash on hand, think before spending.


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