The Consequences of a Toddler Not Eating

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Consequences of a Toddler Not EatingToddlers need enough nutrition to grow healthy and strong. But what do you need to do when they refuse to eat? There are a lot of children who say no of eating, they just play instead. This is one of the main concerns of parents and it keeps as a challenge to them. When children do not eat, of course there are certain consequences, some health issues will occur and that affects their total health as well as their brain. Toddlers must learn discipline and obedience. Remember, it is the parents’ responsibility to keep their children safe and sound.

Think for yourself the consequences of a toddler not eating. For sure, you would agree with this list.

  • When children refuse to eat they definitely would lose weight. This is caused by a constant refusal of the child to eat. A child needs enough nutrition to be able to develop well. At this age they need to eat those that will help them grow. It is necessary to sustain nutrition into their bodies to make sure that they will grow healthy and strong. This will be their foundation, that if they do not eat well, they won’t grow well and will affect them as they grow older.
  • A lot of children are malnourished due to poverty but some kids are also malnourished because they do not want to eat. Both can be given solutions if parents would take full responsibility of their children. Never allow your child to suffer from malnutrition.
  • If toddlers do not eat, they loss their chance of acquiring energy for every day activities. In this way they would feel tired all the time and that hinders them to participate in physical activities. It also affects the mental ability of a child, when you are hungry and don’t have the nutrition you need, your brain do not function well.
  • They are more prone to diseases. Knowing that they do not have good nutrition, their immune system is weak and that makes them more susceptible to diseases.

Toddlers can be picky with the food they want to eat but you can make a way to give them the proper nutrition they need. Milk can be a help. But still they need to eat. Make every meal different, serve food items that you think your child will love. Be creative also in the presentation to keep your child away from diseases. Do not let your child suffer.


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