How to Get your Baby to Sleep

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Get your Baby to SleepPlaying with babies is so much fun.  However, babies need some rest and enough sleep.  Moreover, parents or caregivers need to do some other things aside from just playing with the baby or taking good care of him.  Of course, it is hard to multi-task while looking after a baby.  The best time to do other tasks is when the baby is asleep. However, babies sometimes don’t fall asleep easily like they have insomnia.  There are babies that have irregular sleep patterns.  Are you one of the many parents that are challenged by your baby’s sleep pattern?  Take a  look at the following tips and learn:

  • Make daytime feeds social and lively and night-time feeds quiet.  This will help the baby learn the difference between day and night. This will work even for toddlers.
  • Give him the chance to take a nap or to go to sleep on his own.  Put him down when he feels sleepy but still awake. Remove his shoes and give him his feeding bottle.  This will prevent him from being dependent on you.  Teaching him to be independent as early as infancy will help him a lot.
  • Create a bedtime routine and you need to stick to it.  Give your baby a bath, feed the baby, and read a bedtime story or sing for him. Music works best to put your baby to sleep.  Rocking your baby is also soothing and can get him to sleep. Whatever ritual you establish, it needs to be soothing.  Be consistent, though. Wake him up at the same time each morning.
  • Give him something like a blanket or stuffed toy and make him feel attached to it. Keep it near you for a while to make it smell like you do. During the night, the baby will feel secured once the object is near to him.
  • Let the baby cry it out.  Crying won’t kill her.   If the baby cries after you’ve put him down, go to him and pat him gently ad tell him everything is fine and he needs to go to sleep.  Be gentle. Leave the room but keep checking.  However, this is not good for newborn.
  • Cuddle your baby up.  Comfort and rock him as you hum a lullaby. Lie down on your bed together and cuddle him and pretend to sleep to let him know it is sleep time.  Wait until he falls asleep.
  • If the baby wakes up in the middle of night, go to him and check his diaper or bottle.  The baby might be hungry or uncomfortable. Some babies feel discomfort to sleep on stomach.  After checking, put him the baby to sleep again.

Forcing or flipping the baby just to make him fall asleep are not good practices of nursing babies.  During daytime, help the baby crawl and walk with the use of walkers.  Walking will also make him feel tired and will put him to sleep.


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