How to Do Facebook Emoticons in Chat

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how to do facebook emoticons in chatThe creation of the Facebook text based instant messaging (IM) has already created an arena for easier communication with your friends and loved ones. But of course, it would look so plain if what you’ll ever see are texts. And as a response, arrays of cute and funny emoticons and smiley are present to help you add spice to your Facebook chat convo. How to do Facebook emoticons in chat, you wonder? Take a look at all the list in our entry below.

List of Cool Emoticons for Facebook Chat

On your FB chat tab, encode or copy-paste the following your chosen code from the list. Such example on how to make smileys is by keying in the :) shortcut to put a smile on your chat.

Angel                    O:-)

Confused            o.O

Cry                         :’(

Devil                      3:-)

Gasp                      :-O

Glasses                 8-)

Grin                       :D

Grumpy               >:-(

Happy                   ^_^

Heart                     <3

Kiss                        :-*

Pacman                 :v

Putnam                 :Putnam:

Robot                    :|]

Sad                         :-(

Shark                     (^^^)

Squint                   -_-

Tash                       :3

Sunglasses          8-|

Tongue                :P

Unsure                 :-/

Upset                    >-:O

Wink                      ;-)

The penguin emoticon which may be done by typing in <(“) used to be one of the Facebook hidden emoticons, but has now become an everyday part of the FB chat system. In addition to the list, the ultimate 42 is also one of the new emoticons which can be done by putting in :42:.

Oftentimes, words are way better expressed via smileys and cute icons. Therefore, if there are expressions you would want to share to your chat mate, copy the Facebook symbols and you’re good to go. On a final note, be careful not to overuse these codes or it may cause great annoyance from your friend. Have fun!


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