How to Deal with Stress

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rest and sleepSometimes, life can be very stressful, toxic and many times we tend to raise our hands up and surrender but we need to go over and deal positively with stress. It can be from job, school or family problems, death of someone you love, financial and health problems, break ups, even connecting to difficult people and a lot more. If you happen to experience stress, you tend to suffer such depression or anxiety and if that comes out don’t be afraid to ask help from friends and professionals.

  • It’s good to have control on your emotions. Minimize the usual events you do in your life. Set priorities and manage your time to stay away from stress.
  • It’s always nice to give yourself a break. Do not overuse yourself. Be mindful not to bring yourself to stressful situations. You can do meditation and even breathing exercises to clear your minds with stressful thoughts.
  • Think positive. Change the way you view things. There can be alternative views on how you see events and problems. Have the ability to manage your reactions to troublesome situations. Lighter emotions will do, be just sad rather than depressed or just dislike rather than hate.
  • Have enough sleep and rest. You can do exercise, just like tennis, do gardening or fishing with your kids. You can play with them too to lessen stress.
  • Do not engross yourself with drugs or alcohol, stay away from those. They won’t help.

If stress is just short term, it actually helps, it says in a report that experiencing stress sends more glucose to the brain that adds more energy for the neurons and later enriches recall and recover information. But if it lasts longer, seek the help of professionals.

Fill your life not with dull moments, not with stress but with enjoyment and love. Remember the tips that I have shared you.


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