How to Save on Your Light Bill

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Save on Your Light BillElectric bill is always included in our monthly expenses.  While we can leave other bills unpaid including Internet bills, subscription magazines, etc., this one should be paid by every household.  So, you’ve just received your monthly lighting bill and you were surprised with how it has skyrocketed from your average light bill cost.  You know exactly that you’re monthly budget is going to suffer because of this.  Though, it’s too late to make a fuss out of it, it’s still early to adopt habits on how to save on your light bill.  Reduce monthly bill by following some of the tips below.

How to Save on Your Light Bill

  • Turn off the lights once you get out of your room.  Avoid leaving them on as it can only add up to the electricity bill.
  • Use compact fluorescent light instead of incandescent bulb. Fluorescent lights may cost a little higher than incandescent bulbs, but you’ll generally see how it has lowered you bill.
  • Switch off or unplug all the appliances not in use or everytime you go out of the house.
  • Try to avoid using airconditioner as much as you can. In instances when you really can’t help it, avoid setting the AC in full blast.  Set it from high to medium instead.
  • Let in as much sunlight enter the house during the cold season thus reducing the need for heaters.
  • Iron the clothes in large batches at one time.
  • One of the major reasons why you’re electric consumption surges is because of your computer left running.  Turn it off when not in use, or you can put it to sleep mode in case you leave it on.
  • If the weather is good outside, choose to air dry your clothes instead of using clothes dryers.  Air drying can be one way of saving electricity.
  • If you’re out to buy new appliances, always ask the help of the sales person or manufacturers for possible energy-saving devices like refrigerator.

Those are just some simple tips on how to save on your light bill.  This time, when the payment for the bills comes, you’ll be surprised when you see that it was reduced and that it won’t rock your monthly budget anymore.  Hope these simple tips have helped you in your quest.


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