What are the Signs and Symptoms of Autism ?

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signs and symptoms of autismObserving that your child has a problem can be very disheartening on a parent’s part.  Who would have wanted their child to have suffered from any disorder? Say, autism. Autism is defined as a complex developmental disability that brings about problems regarding social interaction and communication. What causes it is linked to genetic and environmental factors.  Based on statistics 2 to 6 per 1000 persons are diagnosed with autism.  Early symptoms of the disorder usually start in infants before the age three and may cause children to experience delay in many different skills.  However, catching early warnings that your bundle of joy has a problem can make a profound difference.  An array of treatment can be done to reduce the effects of autism in your child.

Is your precious one autistic ?  How do you know?  Learn what are the signs and symptoms of autism by reading this article completely.

Signs and Symptoms of Autism ?

People suffering from autism can display varying symptoms. One person maybe experiencing mild autism, while another may have experienced serious autism. However, depending on the severity both children will display types of autism spectrum disorder thus causing delays in a lot of developmental areas including interacting with others, learning to talk, and play.


  • Performs repetitive movements e.g. hand-flapping
  • Performs specific rituals and routines
  • Experiences unusual sensitivity to light, touch, and sound


  • Starts talking later than age 2 years old
  • Speaks in an abnormal manner – robot like tone
  • Unable to say words and sentences previously learned
  • Repeats words and phrases but is unable to use them

Social Skills

  • Having poor eye contact
  • Unable to respond to his or her name
  • Resists cuddling and holding
  • Seems not to hear you at times
  • Appears to prefer playing alone
  • Not being able to show affection

If you noticed that your child is developmentally delayed, make sure to seek medical help from your pediatrician right away.  Doing so may confirm the diagnosis completely as well as take measures to free your child from the risks of autism.  Hope this has helped!


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