How to Treat Snake Bites

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how to treat snake bitesPeople who are out in the wilderness area to go camping or hiking pose a high chance of reptile bites. Some snakes are venomous such as the rattlesnake and cobra, while others are non-venomous like the anaconda.  But, whether or not these snakes are venomous, snakebites can really be fatal or can cause an allergic reaction or infection to the patient.  Having said this, it is important for one to know how to treat snake bites with the use of first aid treatment.  Though home remedies can also help in dealing with the problem, it would still be better to get a doctor immediately and have it checked thoroughly.  It can happen without a warning so as early as now, learn how to cure snake bites.

How to Treat Snake Bites

  1. The first thing you need to do is to stay away from the snake and then seek for medical attention immediately.
  2. While waiting, ask the patient to remain calm and still.
  3. Do not elevate the bitten area.  Instead, immobilize and keep it below the heart level.
  4. Wash the wound with warm soap and water.
  5. Take away any clothing or jewelry that can constrict the affected area. Swelling may occur on the area and it may lead to tissue damage if there are any constricting items present.
  6. In instances of rattlesnake or cobra bites, wrap the wound with an elastic pressure bandage and maintain the bite’s position to be lower than the level of the heart.
  7. Observe the basic first aid in cases of shock while waiting for the medical assistance.

How to Prevent Snake Bites

There are a lot of ways on how to reduce the incidence of being bitten by a snake such as:

  • Always wear personal protective equipment as well as long pants when out in the wilderness.
  • If you see one, do not get too close to it.
  • Stay away from tall fissures and grass as much as possible.
  • Always be alert at all times when walking or climbing rocks.

A common misconception on how to treat snake bites is to suck and cut the wound.  Others suggest the use of Sawyer extractor kit as a remedy to deal with the situation; however it is noted to be not useful anymore as it can even lead to potential infection.  Finally, the person bitten by snake should immediately seek medical management to avoid aggravating any symptoms as well as other risks of snake bites.


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