How to Treat Skin Asthma

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Among the skin allergies and conditions that some people are dealing with is skin asthma.  Others may not have heard of it, but this is otherwise known as atopic dermatitis or eczema.  Generally, it occurs more in females than in males.  The condition happens when inflammation on the skin has been chronic.  Skin asthma is non-contagious, but can give the patient a lot of discomfort.  Many people have been asking how to treat skin asthma.  What are some of the ways on how to get rid and cure this skin problem?  Continue reading on as we will you with your quest on how to treat skin asthma, so stick with us.  However, before we go to the treatment, let’s see what the symptoms are of this condition.

Symptoms of Skin Asthma

  • Itchy and dry skin
  • kin lesions on the cheeks
  • Occurrence of rash and crusting blisters on some parts of the body
  • Ear discharge

How to Cure Skin Asthma

Sadly, there is no cure for eczema; however there is an array of treatments available to help you address the issue.  Your dermatologist might tell you to put on cortisone/ steroid creams to deal with it.  Talk to your doctor about its use as these creams can have long-term side effects.  In severe cases, oral steroids and injections might be prescribed.

There are also home remedies which you can use along with the prescript drugs to aid in the condition.  One remedy is by boiling a teaspoon of comfrey root, one teaspoon of white oat bark, and a teaspoon of slippery elm, and two cups of water.  Boil the ingredients for atleast 30 minutes and once it has cooled, wash the affected area.

How to Prevent It

Prevention od flare ups should be done before the situation arise or gets worse.  The sufferer should observe proper skin care by moisturizing atleast three times everyday.  Also, since skin asthma is associated to weak immune system, one should boost it by taking vitamins and supplements such as Vitamin B, Zinc, and Omega-3 fatty acids.  Lastly, stay away from triggers such as stress, dairy products, dust, and pollution to avoid the occurrence of the condition.

One last advice though is to never scratch your eczema because it will not heal and can even cause infections.  This is how to treat skin asthma. Were the tips helpful?


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