How to Treat Cuts and Scrapes

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how to treat cuts and scrapesEveryday we are faced with the different physical injuries that can harm and damage the skin’s outer layers just like cuts and scrapes.  Though they are common occurrences in our lives, they can still happen without notice.  Usually, some of the causes of cuts in the skin are because of the use of sharp materials such as knives, scissors, blades, and glass pieces.  As for scrapes, they occur when the skin is brushed off against a rough surface thus leading to skin abrasions.  Unless the incidence is not severe and does not require a trip to the emergency room, there are a lot of measures you can do on how to treat cuts and scrapes.  Knowing how to apply first aid treatment and proper wound care are essential to prevent harm and further damage to the tissues, and reduce the risk of being infected.  How to treat cuts and scrapes, you ask? Read on as we tell you how to get rid of them.

How to Cure Cuts and Scrapes

The first thing you have to do is to clean the wound using warm water and an antimicrobial soap.  Remove any debris like dirt on the cuts and scrapes. Once you’re done, pat dry the affected area.  However, if the wound is still bleeding, apply pressure using a clean cloth or bandage and elevate it above the heart level and see if the bleeding has stopped.

When you’re finished washing, apply a dab of antibacterial ointment and spray to the area.  There is an array of best spray available in the market through OTC.  If you are not sure though, make sure that you consult a doctor about this.  Cover the wound area with a sterile bandage, and check it once in a while for the wound to heal faster.

How to Treat Cuts and Scrapes Using Home Remedies

Promote healing of the injury by using natural ways on how to cure it.  For such, we have honey on our list.  Honey has antibacterial properties that aids in wound healing.  Apply a small amount of it on the affected area as a replacement for antibiotic ointment or spray, and then cover the abrasions with a sterile bandage.  Do this atleast twice a day.

Aloe vera gel is also a trusted remedy to do the work.  It has an antibacterial properties as well as aids in reduction of swelling on the site.  Moreover, it provides relief for pain.  Golden seal paste also helps in fighting off infection. To speed up the healing process, you can use an infusion of chamomile on the site.  Lastly, the person should eat food rich in Vitamin C as it strengthens the immune system and promotes wound healing fast.

Now you know already how to treat cuts and scrapes.  Caring for the affected area will surely help you in curing them exactly.  However, if you noticed that the cuts and abrasions do not heal properly, get a doctor immediately and consider having tetanus shots as well as other antibiotics such as Zithromax or Cephalexin.  Good luck!


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