How to Treat Dog Bites

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treat dog bitesAlthough it might be true that a dog is a man’s best friend, there will still come a time when the animal will lash out even at its owner.  The dog isn’t an exception for that.   Based on statistics, almost 4 million people in the US are bitten by dogs every year wherein 750, 000 cases require medical attention because of the severity of the dog bite.  Most dog bites aren’t really that fatal but it can be serious just like any other animal bites (e.g. snake bites). Moreover, it poses a great threat of infection.  Knowing how to apply basic first aid once bitten by this animal can be a great help to the victim to reduce the risks of being infected and to prevent further damage to the tissues of the skin.  How to treat dog bites, you ask.  Continue reading on as we’ll give you ways on how to get rid and manage dog bites.

How to Cure Dog Bites

  1. Control bleeding by putting pressure or by lifting the affected area above from the heart if the hand or arm is affected.  If there is severe bleeding and lacerations are present, one way of preventing it is through the use of a tourniquet.
  2. Immediately clean the wound with soap and water, or with rubbing alcohol.  If you are not the victim, be sure to wash your hands and wear any protective equipment when in contact with the affected area.
  3. Cover the wound with sterile and dry bandage.  Observe for signs of infection which include redness, swelling, hot to touch, drainage on the affected site.
  4. Seek medical attention as soon as the wound is cleansed. Your physician might ask you to take treatment with oral antibiotics as well as tetanus shots to prevent further infection.
  5. Dogs always have the risk of being carrier of the rabies virus.  If the owner of the dog can’t show that their pet is rabies vaccinated, then tell your physician about it.
  6. Depending on the bite, it may be stitched in cases of lacerated wounds.  Disinfect, wash, and dress the wounds until they heal consequently.

That is how to cure dog bites.  Ensure that your place always safe especially for children as they are more prone to experiencing dog / puppy bites.  Though bites can be a big problem, there is always a cure for the incident and it is highly preventable, so one shouldn’t be too alarmed provided he’s done specific measures regarding the bites.


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