How to Treat Cholera

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How to Treat CholeraPeople living from industrialized countries may not suffer from cholera, however those who reside in crowded areas from the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asian countries such as Haiti aren’t actually cholera free and epidemic proportion actually tend to increase alongside other communicable diseases including tuberculosis, dysentery, typhoid fever, malaria, yellow fever, and diphtheria where the human body’s intestine suffers. Basically, Cholera is caused by vibrio cholerae bacterium and once you’re struck with the bacterium, it causes severe abdominal upset together with symptoms like colorless diarrhea, vomiting, severe dehydration, abdominal cramping, and cyanosis.  The disease is becoming rampant which is why it is important to know how to treat cholera should the problem arise.  And as a response, this post will give you ideas on how to treat cholera through the help of home treatment and home remedies which can be done together with medical interventions.

How to Cure Cholera

Apparently, the best way on how to cure it is prevention itself.  However, if it’s already a little late, early treatment though antibiotics and fluid replacement are the best solution.  Perform intervention including:

  • Nature of the treatment consists of rehydration through oral rehydration solution (ORS), which is already a prepackaged mixture of sugar and salt.  It should be drunk in large quantities based on the health officer’s prescription.
  • In severe cases though, fluid replacement may be administered intravenously at the hospital.

Home Remedies on How to Treat Cholera

  • Consumption of lemon juice daily can be very beneficial as it kills bacteria causing the illness as well as preventing the person from being affected by it.
  • Guava root bark can be given too because of its tannins content which help in treating the ailment.
  • Coconut water is also said to be rich in potassium thus helping in restoration of one of the electrolytes lost due to diarrhea.
  • Onions mixed with black peppers can also help alleviate the patient’s dehydration.
  • Additional fluids like breast milk, “am”, cereals, and soup are also essential.

In instances like this preventive measures should be properly observed such as controlling the spread of disease and reducing the possibility of ingesting the bacterium by drinking only bottled or boiled water when travelling.  If you are also going to travel to a cholera-infested are, make sure that you take adequate caution to reduce the likeliness of getting the disease.  Finally, the patient may feel terribly uncomfortable in a case like this which is why we must ensure that the sufferer feels comfortable as much as possible.


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