How to Prevent Down Syndrome During Pregnancy

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How to Prevent Down Syndrome During PregnancyMany of the malfunctions and malformations in a child’s body are brought about by chromosomal disorders such as Turner syndrome, Cystic fibrosis, and Klinefelter syndrome.  To add up, we have another one which is dubbed as one of the most common genetic birth defects to occur. It is the Down syndrome or Trisomy 21 which occurs in about 1 out of 800 babies in the US every year based on statistics.

Down’s syndrome takes place when an extra set of chromosomes is present in a newly born child.  The condition causes symptoms of cognitive and physical disabilities, and mental retardation as well as heart conditions, intestinal obstructions, and thyroid dysfunctions.  Of course, no parent would want to bear a child with this problem.

Although you can’t actually stop it from happening since it is genetic, there are some ways you can do on how to prevent Down syndrome during pregnancy.  Learn how to reduce the chance and how to go about preventing the possibility of conceiving a child with Down syndrome.  Here are some facts.

Down Syndrome Baby During Pregnancy – Prevention Tips

  1. Increasing maternal age is among the risk for bearing a child with the syndrome. So if you want to avoid its occurrence, consider your age of having a child.  The possibility of the condition actually increases as the women gets older.  Statistics continue to go up until the age 45 years old.
  2. Make sure that you undergo some tests during pregnancy to detect any untoward complications on your baby.  Ultrasound, amniocentesis, AFP screening, and chorionic villi sampling are advisable for early detection and diagnosis of having a child with the syndrome.  It is a part of a pregnant woman’s routine to talk with her OB/GYN to ensure that the fetus inside her is as healthy as possible.
  3. Just like any other prevention tips, one way of preventing this to happen is to ensure healthy lifestyle throughout the pregnancy.  Avoid intake of any drugs or chemicals that may actually harm your baby. Alcohol consumption as well as smoking should be avoided as they can trigger the occurrence of such complications.  Exercising regularly as well as taking appropriate vitamins and other medication treatment to keep you in shape during conception is a must to protect the fetus in your womb.

Pregnancy is always a joyous experience for soon-to-be moms, and wouldn’t it be disheartening enough to find out that your precious one has actually some defects? Take care of your health and make sure to actually plan carefully and take necessary measures by following some of our tips on how to prevent Down syndrome during pregnancy.


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