Saw Palmetto for Acne in Women

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saw palmetto for acneThe sight of acne and pimples can be distressing to a lot of sufferers out there.  It can lead you to losing your self-esteem and confidence.  Generally, women suffer from this skin condition more than men as a result of hormonal imbalances like when androgen levels are elevated.   Having oily skin is also a culprit in developing pimples as it clogs your pores thus posing you to develop it.   Acne may come in types like blackheads, whiteheads, cystic,  and pustules.

Some women have tried almost every topical acne creams over the counter that promise to keep and cure pimple at bay.  But some of those regimens are just major fail.  However, hope should not be lost as there’s a name that is making waves to help a female suffering from acne – the saw palmetto.

Saw Palmetto for Acne in Women

Most women suffering from acne blame their excessive testosterone production as to why pimple occurs. Testosterone is the main androgen hormone, and this hormone is converted to dihyrotestosterone (DHT).  So, how does saw palmetto help in management?  The herb, saw palmetto, is a palm-like tree which grows in some areas in the US.  This herb grows berries and its oil is thought to have therapeutic uses.  This is a beneficial herbal approach when it comes to suppression of DHT production from testosterone along with regulating the production of hormones.

The saw palmetto is available in your local health stores and is available in capsule, tablets, tea, and natural berry forms. To treat acne, the recommended dose is 320 milligrams of standardized extract daily. The effectiveness of saw palmetto for pimples in women has not been proven scientifically but people who have tried it have been claiming it did them wonders.  So if you want to go for all natural treatment, then why don’t you give this a try, too?


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