Best Selling Car in the Philippines

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Best Selling Car PhilippinesCars or automobiles are really convenient transportations when you want to go somewhere at anytime.   At some countries cars are there life.   It is one of the necessities they have on their list.   Some people would feel something good if they drive their own car.   Some would feel a real freedom while handling the steering wheel of their fast car while driving on the street.

Moreover, in the Philippines many Filipinos realized the convenience that it can give to someone who driving his own car in the road.   Since we are talking about convenience, your car should be well designed to cater your needs as a driver.   It should be comfortable and really user friendly especially if you have kids or if you are a family man.   So what are the best selling cars in the Philippines ?

Here are Some of the Top Autos that are Considered as the Best Selling Ones :

  • Honda Civic – One of the best selling Honda’s car. It has been designed to give more comfort on the driver and the passengers.  It is known to have started the tuner thing in a car because of its high performance. It is also known for being a low maintenance and thrifty fueled automobile.
  • Hyundai Getz – It has clicked on the market because of the on going fuel crisis. Companies like PLDT and Coca-Cola use this automobile      for company use.
  • Isuzu Hi –Lander – The advantages of this is its engine durability and affordability.
  • Hyundai Tucson– It is the best selling auto of Hyundai in the Philippines.  It is the first car-based SUV.  It is popular because of its roomy and standardized equipment interior.
  • Toyota Innova – It is one of the best selling autos of Toyota because of its versatility and high standard quality.
  • Toyota Vios – It was introduced in 2003 but after years later it has became the best selling car in the Philippines because of its quality and image.  It is a cheaper compared to Honda City but you can get the same durability and quality.

These are some cars that passed the taste of Filipinos in terms of quality, affordability and reliability.


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